Special Commands

From Rise: The Vieneo Province - The Space Simulator MMO from Unistellar Industries, LLC

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Requests transfer to the nearest unoccupied active vehicle (preference for vehicles you have access to)
of the requested type in the same reference frame within 320 km

Types are listed here:

  • public const byte MuVER = 1;
  • public const byte E10 = 3; // saint
  • public const byte P13 = 4; // prowler
  • public const byte A4 = 5; // wanderer
  • public const byte C2 = 6; // dasher
  • public const byte T120 = 7; // steerhead
  • public const byte E11 = 8; // E-11 saint
  • public const byte T1 = 9; // stratoranger
  • public const byte T27 = 20; // mammoth
  • public const byte C-2A = 21; // Dasher A
  • public const byte W-6 = 24; // W-6 Manx


Requests transfer back to original vehicle before 111VEHICLETYPE## was ever used as long as it is within 320 km


Refuels your current vehicle to the maximum allowable for the vehicle type


Queue up arrival or departure animation for the DIHV ship (does not affect newspaper, loading/unloading of materials from TAC)
  • 0 = Arrive and dock
  • 1 = Undock and depart


Repositions you to the currently selected waypoint. 

It will appear that you died but that death doesn't get reported ... it is just to give the system time to calculate new barycentric velocity, etc.


Repositions you 2000 km straight up (for space-capable vehicles only)


Repositions you to the currently selected dock (for space-capable vehicles only)


Forces you in simulator.


Repositions you 20 km straight up