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PODS is an ackronym for Portable On Demand Storage and represents not only the company founded in 1998 on Earth but more importantly is synonymous with the branded containers exclusively used throughout the Rise universe.

The PODS Brand Container

PODS Container

There are 394 PODS containers in use throughout the Yonmaran System as of December 1, 2232.

Each PODS stands 2.4384 meters high, 2.4384 meters wide, 4.8768 meters long. This size may accommodate 17 MT of cargo or a small ground vehicle.

They are manufactured by PODS with a steel frame construction and marine-grade wood interior. An engineer certified that the sturdy, weather resistant container can withstand a wind velocity of up to 177 kph while partially full.

Approximate Measurements
Length 4.8768 meters
Width 2.4384 meters
Height 2.4384 meters
Interior Nominal (not taking interior beams into consideration)
Area 10.96255872 meters2
Volume 26.75942002944 meters3
Interior Clear (taking interior beams into consideration)
Area 9.94062528 meters2
Volume 22.851695199744 meters3
Door Opening
Width 6 ft 8 in
Height 6 ft 4 in
Empty Weight 0.90718474 MT
Unit Load (PSF) 35.5 kg
Total Load 17 MT

The floor of the container is a tenth of a meter off the ground. It is equipped with a roll-up door at one end. The roof/ceiling is made from a translucent plastic to allow natural light to enter the container from above.

How to Use them in RISE

What kind of PODS are there?

There are four (4) types of PODS:

  • Cargo - It can hold 17 MT of commodities
  • Passenger - It can hold 20 passengers and provide them safety and comfort for travel (statistical weight of 102.5 kg per passenger with carry-on baggage)
  • Auxiliary Fuel - It can hold roughly 17,000 kg of refined Iagreous fuel (provides special containment)
  • Construction - It can hold and deploy colony construction projects.

Where can I buy PODS?

PODS can be bought at CPOC but CPOC will only sell them if it has foodstuffs, refined fuel, and fabricated material (all commodities) to build them.

Prices as follows: Aux Fuel 5241 CR. Cargo 1654 CR. Construction 6339 CR. Passenger 7338 CR.

If you wonder now how do obtain a PODS when you only have a ground vehicle, my advice is snatch one of the PODS that lies around Deois. It is polite to ask the owner or inform him the next time you see him/her online. The least you can do is to return it to the place you took it from!

You can also keep your eye out for PODS that are flagged for repossession, open for salvage title, or available for auction.

How can I find PODS?

To be able to see PODS in your contacts list the PODS menu must be open in the organizer. Their IVR starts with 0 (ie. 00259)

What kind of information is in the PODS menu?

In this menu you can see the available bays of your vehicle (top of the list).
Then the columns describe:

IVR number Owner Type Content Amount loaded Destination Location
PODS00231 benjey Aux Fuel Iagreous 2378 Undeclared Bay 1
PODS00400 raby Passenger N/A 00/20 Undeclared S 04.392 W 022.104
PODS00364 rana Cargo Common 17/17 Undeclared IVR 53171

Currently the PODS list can be sorted by owner and serial number. Switch between the two with "Shift+S".

What kind of vehicles can load PODS and how many in each?

  • T-120 Steerhead - 1 Bay
  • T-1 Stratoranger - 1 Bay
  • A-4 Wanderer - 1 Bay
  • W-6 Manx - 3 Bays
  • E-10 Saint - 6 Bays
  • E-11 Saint - 6 Bays

How do I load a PODS?

Press the "TAB" key to change the selected contact to a PODS in the contacts list. Scan it by hitting the "s" key with your organizer windows closed. It is now highlighted in the organizer's PODS menu. Manuever within 250 meters of the PODS. When there drag and drop it to the Inventory Vehicle. Note: it will load the PODS in to the first available cargo bay!

How do I fill/empty a PODS?

  • Store menus will handle buying/selling commodities to/from cargo PODS
  • Passenger menus (curbside, terminal, dock) will handle emplane/deplane passengers to/from passenger PODS
  • Iagreous fuel can be transferred between an Auxillary Fuel PODS and a vehicle
    • The PODS must be unloaded first
    • Select PODS in organizer
    • Click and drag your fuel totalizer in the Vehicle tab of your inventory on to the PODS
    • Keep in mind positive and negative values

How do I unload PODS?

In Inventory Vehicle click on the PODS you wish to unload. click the UNLOAD. The PODS will appear within 100 meters of your position.

Known Issues

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