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Must be contained inside of an element. Multiple components are allowed in an element.

<Component busval="TvmDesiredClosingSpeed">...</Component>
<Component busval="NormalAcceleration.y">...</Component>


Bias, Modulation, Absolute only change the displayed value not the real value. All Logic is based off the original value.


Bus Values


Multiplies the busvalue by the value specified


Adds the value specified to the busvalue (after modulate operation, if applicable)

Absolute value

use abs=1 to show Absolute value of the number. omitted or 0 is default and will show negative


Must be contained inside a component. Multiple conditions are allowed in each component.

<Condition min="2">...</Condition>
<Condition max="449.9">...</Condition>
<Condition min="-8.4" max="8.4">...</Condition>


  • min - show content if the value is below this setting
  • max - show content if the value is above this setting


Must be contained inside a condition. Multiple text nodes can be used in each condition.

<Text x="0" y="0" color="ffff00ff" width="40" height="24" align="left">TVM velocity target: %+.3f km/s</Text>
<Text x="0" y="0" color="ffff00ff" width="40" height="24" font="0">TVM velocity target: %+.3f km/s</Text>


X and Y location attributes, color, width and height, alignment seem self-explanatory


Use an ID declared at the top. It will default to the font for the page, screen, etc.


The value is a C++ string format ... you can have label text and or a format specifier for the associated bus value (component) and text after the format specifier (like units)

Full Format Specifiers Specification