Deployment Checklist

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Mesh and Texture Asset

  1. Make sure production warnings are turned on
  2. Potentially delete the type.dat from the root Ian's Folder for the type you are exporting (ships, docks, etc) depending on if you need to rebuild all assets to remove textures from sharing across modules or removing models altogether. If the file doesn't exist, all assets of that type must be run through the "Match Textures" routine.
  3. 3 or 4 sided polys only
  4. limited poly count
  5. no intersecting geometry
  6. where geometry meets the coordinates should be identical
  7. Production warnings (canvas size mismatches)
  8. Shading assessment (gouraud vs. lambertian)



  1. Cockpit/cab windshield is "outside cockpit" type so that it it operates with dome light
  2. Check gross extents (i.e. a license plate that flies away when extended or retracted)
  3. Bounding sphere analysis
  4. Headlights and/or landing lights
  5. Texture utilization (i.e. duplicate names, unnecessary "ambient" light maps)
  6. Trim colored base maps must be exported as DXT3 even through VP loads as DXT1 to retain alpha layer data
  7. Need to align the pods in the cargo bay

Aircraft and Aerospace Vehicles

  1. Lifting bodies "left wing" "right wing" "tail"
  2. Engines "left" "right" "center"
  3. Flight controls and their proper deflections
  4. Landing gear
  5. Point lights (navigation red left, green right, white tail, anti-collision strobes)
  6. Nose art
  7. Bay doors

Ground Vehicles

  1. Brake lights
  2. Steering deflects to the right
  3. License plates (front and rear) "dynamic" type
  4. Windshield wipers


  1. Chair extent
  2. Nameplate
  3. Display package
    1. XML
    2. Overmonitor picture
  4. Sound effects package
    1. Start
    2. Ambient
    3. Engine
    4. Touchdown
    5. Gear extension


  1. Need to add to the vehicles graph on admin view


  1. Docking interfaces must be the first module in the ASM file (that is how VP knows which port is where!)