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City Seal

Deois is the capital city of Vieneo. It is the heart of the United Stellar Republic presence in the Yonmaran System and provides the government infrastructure necessary to keep the order. It is currently the only city on Vieneo, being the only large government-owned property on the surface. Smaller colonies exist around the planet, but are entirely player-owned.

The city sits near the western shore of the Ederar Sea at approximately 300 MSL. The Ederar Sea is the body of water that the mean sea level is established from.

The city is made up of five (5) distinct districts or boroughs:

  • Financial District
  • City Center
  • Industrial District
  • Transit District
  • Port District

Maps and Coordinates

Labled citymap.png

The image map above has the following locations linked. Below there is a list of building coordinates that can be entered into the Waypoint Manager.

ATI Tower S4.195 W26.103
Bradbury Apartments S4.192 W26.080
Department of Revenue S4.175 W26.085
FBO (Fixed-base Operator) S4.222 W26.066
Fleet Bank S4.199 W26.117
Junk Ore Inc. S4.213 W26.118
l.a. Eyeworks S4.216 W26.114
Law Offices S4.225 W26.116
Credit Bureau S4.204 W26.125
Police Station (and Impound) S4.169 W26.051
Roger's Tactical Gear S4.169 W26.112
Rusty's Rentals S4.201 W26.064
Skills Assessment Office S4.181 W26.070
Techroform S4.193 W26.112
Unistellar Industries, LLC S4.209 W26.106
vBay Auctioneers S4.158 W26.105
Airport Control Tower S4.203 W26.022
Transit District Pad Tower S4.222 W26.064
Zana Zoom Casino S4.229 W26.040

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