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A Decent Plot

It is important to do an assay before deploying a new farm. Ideally, a farm plot is "relativly flat" with at least "good" soil fertility.

Expanding the Farm

From now you will be able to control the farm by entering the Farmstead (menu item 3) and opening the interactive menu with "i". Whenever you press the number in front of the building listed it will be build. There is no "do you really want to build?" question! (same goes for destruction btw) You can build as many of each buildings as are zoned. Start right away with planting the 21 Field Crops. Your farmstead included seed for these, so they are free! Press "2" and after 1 minute you will have your first field of crops. The Field Crops get positioned randomly by the server so you don't have to worry about the layout.

What should I build next?

From now on you need to bring enough natural and fabricated materials before you can continue to expand. The needs are listed behind the building. Also there need to be enough colonists here. I recomment 20 while expanding and 15 for running it afterwards. It is a good thing to have some food there for the colonists. 2 MT will last them one (1) season (90 Earth days). After the Field Crops I recommend Processed Storage (this takes form as a silo!). Otherwise the building materials needed for further expansion will have to be stored in the open where they corrode (fade away) or can be stolen. Each silo can store 3447 MT of commodities so one should be enough. The next important thing is the Support Structures. They boost the effiency of the colony: no Support Structures = max 50% eff. all Support Structures = 150% eff. To make this more clear: harvest on a 50% farm with just Field Crops = 2 MT, on a 150% arround 6 MT. That is 300% more! Next I recommend the hydroponics because they yield more at harvest than a greenhouse. The Defensive Platforms and the Power Production are not working currently so you can decide for yourself if you want to build them.

With the same techniques you will be able to build townships and mines. Keep in mind that townships and Mines require more workers than the Muver can hold, so you will also need a passenger PODS with colonist on the plot!

Now go out there and build them farms so the starving of the poor Vieneo colonists has an end soon!

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