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This is the file in your default Rise directory that keeps track of in-game waypoints. The file sequentially lists waypoints each stored over a 100-byte block. The first 100-byte block containes the total count, active record, version number, and temporary waypoint data. The composition of each 100-byte record is as follows:

  • 0 to 79: The name of the waypoint, ended by a null byte (00). Often junk data appears after the first null byte, evidence of a typical fixed-width binary record.
  • 80 to 83: Floating point number, X coordinate of the waypoint
  • 84 to 87: Floating point number, Y coordinate of the waypoint
  • 88 to 91: Floating point number, Z coordinate of the waypoint
  • 92: Unknown, appears to be always empty (00).
  • 93: Boolean, tells us whether this waypoint is an IAF coordinate or not - so far only seems to be used by the Deois airport waypoint.
  • 94-99: Unknown, appear to be always empty (00).

Waypoint Record.gif

Proposed changes for new GUI...

  • Changing the description to Unicode format, thereby restricting the number of characters to 34 (including a null terminator)
  • Replacing the vector with a union for the coordinates to be used for Keplarian elements
  • Finally using the 92 (group) record to group by tabs or delete the group record and have a file per tab
  • Adding types to the 93 (type) record to include orbital data
  • Adding a "source" field (unsigned char) to show where the waypoint came from (purchased, from another player, from a vehicle, or from a PODS, or manually entered, or marked) and 4 bytes for a link back (APN, vehicle, player number)

--reskin 10:37, 14 August 2007 (EDT)