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From Rise: The Vieneo Province - The Space Simulator MMO from Unistellar Industries, LLC


Rise: The Vieneo Province, also known simply as Rise, is a persistent science fiction sandbox strategyMMO set on Vieneo, a vast moon orbiting the planet Iomere. Get ready to explore a vast open world more than 100 million square kilometers in size! Use ground, air, and space vehicles to explore this vast land full of uncharted seas and deserts, valleys and forests. Help colonists arriving to Vieneo get settled, develop cities and settlements. Direct the growth of economic and social systems as your settlements advance. Fly up into space to experience a unique physics-accurate movement engine! You are helping establish a living, breathing world with virtually no boundaries!

Rise: The Vieneo Province Key Features

  • Unique Game Engine – Explore this huge world in a first person, vehicle focused view. With such a massive world and so much to see, you could make an entire game out of just traveling around.
  • Construct Cities – Colonists arriving to Vieneo need help getting settled and beginning their new lives. You can assist them in developing thriving cities in secure, prosperous locations.
  • Trade And Manipulate – Helping your cities become profitable by carefully shaping their economy is in your best interests. Trade between stations is key to making your fortune.
  • Space As Never Before – Fly into space and experience a physics-correct orbital engine, and see the stars as few ever will. However, you must be careful; space travel is no place for mistakes!
  • Protect Your Reputation – You have a reputation as a pilot and entrepreneur, and it impacts the opportunities available to you. If you have a reputation for crashing your ship, for inst

ance, passengers will be very reluctant to fly with you!

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