T-1 Stratoranger

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T-1 Stratoranger

The T-1 Stratoranger is the first and only in the Transport series of aircraft.


  • Empty weight: 12,570 kg
  • Max takeoff weight: 39,570 kg
  • Max fuel load: 9,090 kg
  • Service Ceiling: 55 km

Standard Features

  • Retractable Landing Gear
  • GPWS
  • 320 km LRS
  • MSRP: 4,108,396 CR

Related Issues

Id Category Severity Status Updated Summary
0000661 Vehicles major closed (reskin) 2019-02-20 T-1 Stratoranger upgrades
0000507 Vehicles trivial assigned (lambert) 2019-02-10 Stratoranger (Exterior) - remastering project
0000686 Vehicles minor assigned (reskin) 2018-09-28 Nose gear and WOW ground detection
0000694 Vehicles minor closed (reskin) 2018-09-24 T-1 brakes are too grabby
0000493 Cockpits tweak assigned (lambert) 2018-05-02 Stratoranger (Interior) - remastering project
0000603 Vehicles tweak closed (reskin) 2018-04-06 Exporting all vehicle models again after 10 years!