E-10 Dash

From Rise: The Vieneo Province - The Space Simulator MMO from Unistellar Industries, LLC

Instrument Panel

Artificial Horizon

Artifical horizon2.jpg
The artificial horizon has been in most aircraft since shortly after that end of the Second World War. The brown symbolizes the ground and the blue is for the sky. The green or red Direction Bug shows the direction you are traveling and a red on shows a reverse of your heading. The Target bug behaves similar to the Direction Bug Green in front red behind you, and will lead you on a great-arc to your target. The Indicated Air Speed, Ground Speed, and Vertical Speed are also listed here. A compass is attached to the top of the Artificial Horizon. the top left corner also showns the AutoFlyte mode if it is turned on

Contact List

Contact list.png
The contact list is simply a display of your selected waypoint, local ships, and pods if the pods menu is open, and known orbital stations. Selected Objects are brighter that non-selected objects.

Ships with the power on, People sitting in them, are a brighter shade.

  • Gray objects are neutral ships or PODS. Brighter gray is a Ship that has power on.
  • Yellow objects are ships or PODS you own. Brighter yellow is a Ship that has power on.
  • Purple objects are ships or PODS your Partners own. Brighter purple is a Ship that has power on.
  • Dark green objects are allied ships or PODS. Brighter green is a Ship that has power on.
  • Dark red objects are enemy ships or PODS. Brighter red is a Ship that has power on.

Orbital Data

If the ship has sufficient altitude and speed, the orbital data will be displayed directly below the contact list.

Also see MFD for the Left and Right hand displays.
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