From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Vieneo from 43,000 km
Discovered by: Capt. Ruben Evans
Discovery date: February 16, 2218
Orbital characteristics
Satellite of: Iomere
Semi-major Axis: 249,390 km (0.651x Luna
Eccentricity: 0.049
Orbital Period: 11.717 d
Sidereal Period: 14.43 h
Rotations/annum: 625
Synodic Period: 14.453125 h
Longitude at epoch:
Epoch offset: 227.3607416°
Physical characteristics
Mean radius: 2939.6 km (0.46x Earth)
Surface area: 108,589,127 km2
Volume: 106,402,865,860 km3
Mass: 1.46x1024 kg (0.243x Earth)
Density: 13.78 g/cm3 (2.5x Earth)
Surface gravity: 11.127 m/s2 (1.10x Earth)
Escape velocity: 8.139 kps
Rotation: Synchronous
Obliquity: 24°
Albedo: 0.25
Hydrosphere: 13%
Cloud cover: 100%
Ice cover: 0%
Atmospheric properties
Surface pressure: 2631 mb (2.596x Earth)
Molecular weights: 2.9 and above
Nitrogen77.1%2054 mb(ipp: 2006)
Helium22.2%592 mb(ipp: 578)
Oxygen0.4%12 mb(ipp: 11)
Argon0.2%7 mb(ipp: 6)
Other: Terrestrial - Hot, Overcast
Thick atmosphere (N2, He - unbreathable)
Greenhouse effect: +4.2°C
Exospheric: 799.25°K (-473.75°C Earth's)
Boiling point: H2O 128.5°C

Vieneo is the moon of Iomere, one of six planets in the Yonmaran system situated about 225 light-years from Sol (Earth).

Vieneo, named from the Swahili word (maeneo), meaning "province" or "extent of area") is the only natural satellite of Iomere and the only habitable body for a radius of approximately 70 parsecs.

It was discovered by Captain Ruben Evans (USV Flying Mast) on February 16, 2218 and was coincident with the discovery of the Yonmaran System. Vieneo was named in honor of the United Stellar Republic's claim and his Waswahili heritage.

A majority of the trade outposts and settlements have occurred near or on Vieneo. The moon is rich in atmosphere and minerals and is able to support a variety of life, though no indigenous beings have been found. It is believed that Vieneo was once a moon of the planet Ostlon.

Physical characteristics

Example of Vieneo landforms

Vieneo's surface is mostly high-density rock and organic compounds with only 9% of the surface covered in highly salinic water. The surface has patchwork regions of broken terrain indicating intense geological activity in the moon's past, and is criss-crossed by huge canyons.


  • Deois - Capital of Vieneo