From Rise: The Vieneo Province - The Space Simulator MMO from Unistellar Industries, LLC

Multi Function Display MFD

Left (Pilot also Co-Pilot’s right) MFD

Shows Latitude and Longitude.
A moving map Press the - = to zoom in/out.
The wind direction gauge.
This shows the direction the wind is coming from and true speed.

The second Page shows

  • Frame Rate.
  • Speed.
  • E (epoch) how high the sun is right now.
  • G-Forces
    • I: left/right
    • J: Up/down
    • K: front/back
  • And any warning
    • thrust augmentation
    • Yawdamper

Press the “m” to change screens

Center MFD

The MFD in the ship center is used to show engine out put and direction.
If the engines are in reverse the box above the engine with show a Yellow REV.
Ship structures that are damaged will show up in red.

The second Page of the Center MFD shows

  • Fuel available
  • Weapon states
  • Ship Mass

Press “e” to change the displayed screens.

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