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Our project stemmed from the software that was developed for a complete cockpit enclosure that we constructed. This enclosure was sold to an event coordinator in Singapore back in June of 2000.

This blog has the records of the USV Audrey:

Represented here are a few of the friends we have made over the years...


Your web guide to space hobbies and activites!

This is one of our favorites, they make a tremendous effort to keep their information up-to-date. The extent of the information on their site is an excellent resource for educators and space enthusiasts alike!

This link is directly to their simulation section:


Mike's Flight Deck
This site is dedicated to the flight simmer who wants more than an off-the-shelf experience.

It's a continually evolving source of information aimed at helping you learn how to build your own sim flight deck hardware to get your ultimate flight experience.

This link is directly to their links section:


Space simulator projects and 3D engine programming tutorials.

From vertex definitions to space fights! Many tools and lessons to help you create your own 3D engine in C/C++ and OpenGL. Advanced tutorials in development.

They have some other interesting projects:


Eric Hunting
Documenting a personal quest for non-toxic housing.

Shelter is a saga set against a landscape of invention, technology, architecture, history, medicine, bureaucracy, prejudice, alienation, desperation, pragmatism, and irrational hope.

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