From Rise: The Vieneo Province

The Client Application (aka. Game Client or, put simply, Client) connects the end-user (you) to the gaming servers using UDP port 7473.

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The Client is a Microsoft WindowsTM compatible application and is fairly straight-forward to use. You can use it to chat with other users and scroll back to view the chat history (aka. backlog). This is also a good debugging tool to show your connection quality.

The listbox on the right side shows other online player handles (alias/callsign) and the drop-down list above it will let you filter these according to your preferences. Double-clicking one of these players will show you their character name (if they have selected one), their rank, and alliance information.

License Agreement

This software is provided free-of-charge with no warranty expressed or implied.

Automatic Patching

The Client has an integrated autopatch feature which downloads the latest released changes. This feature is currently inoperative. --reskin 07:05, 13 February 2017 (HKT)


To add a game device (like a joystick or head tracker), click on the Configuration tab. These changes are saved when you close the configuration dialog. The Viewscreen must be restarted if changes are made to these settings as the Viewscreen makes numerous optimizations based on these settings when it loads.


You may enter a port number as a command line argument for the Client...

  • You wish to run more than one Client on the same computer
  • You wish to run the Client on a different computer than your Sound and Viewscreen peer modules
  • The default port for peer modules (Sound and Viewscreen) is in use by another application

An example of the default port is below...

Client.exe 7473