Cargo Manifest

From Rise: The Vieneo Province - The Space Simulator MMO from Unistellar Industries, LLC

MFD Cargo.png
Vehicle description and fuel loads
  • Empty weight
  • Fuel weight
  • Installed instruments
  • Weapon systems
Cargo Bays

All Cargo Bays are listed even if empty.
Using the Shift Up and Down arrows lets you move the Bar that highlights them.
At the bottom it will list what other Keys can be used to operate the items (load use transfer fuel)


The player and Any NPCs that are on-board as flight crew.


Some Vehicles have Jumpseats, Passenger seats, that can be lowered to put people in the main Cabin
You can load Cargo or people in this small area.

  • C-2 can load 1 mt cargo Or one person
  • E-10 and 11 can load 7 MT or 6 people

Any Inventory items you have on character (limited to by the Strength of your character).

For example:


Inventory items assigned to the ship/car: