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From Cutter's Port Promotions Dept.

CPOC (an ackronym for Cutter's Port Orbital Complex) is an orbital facility with a commodities market, free ATM, the facility to buy PODS and weapons, and to rename a ship.

Approach to CPOC

It is strongly recommended that you approach CPOC with TVM Enabled and set to below 0.250 Km/sec before entering the 20km control area surrounding CPOC. Entering with in 20km of the station over 250m/s is unsafe, may result in a speeding violation and fines.


  • Orbit: ~3000 km MSL
  • Inclination: 75°
  • Storage: 1700 MT
  • Maximum Population: 1477

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Known Issues

0000542 CPOC feature closed (reskin) 2010-03-03 CPOC Website should show production status