From Rise: The Vieneo Province - The Space Simulator MMO from Unistellar Industries, LLC

Autopatch connects to the "game" server and does a basic timestamp check to ensure that any files that have changed since the last login are downloaded.

The "Client.cfg" stores the last update timestamp so that your machine doesn't have to checksum compare every file and timestamp, however if something goes wrong I would suggest deleting the "Client.cfg" and restarting the Client.

The Client will display this timestamp (ie. 2007-03-17 23:55:20.357) and state that the patching process has started.

If there is an error at this point, it will say ID_AUTOPATCHER_REPOSITORY_FAIL or another similar message. Otherwise it will begin a progress bar at the bottom, autopatch will report ID_AUTOPATCHER_FINISHED, show the new timestamp and state that the product is up-to-date when completed.

It is imperative that the "Client.exe" is run from the installed folder (ie. C:\Program Files\Rise) either using the "Start Menu->Play Rise" icon or a shortcut that has the "Startup Path" set correctly. Running the "Client.exe" from another directory will make it download all of the game files and directories that are missing from that directory.

Note that waypoints.dat, pods.dat, vpt.dat are for the organizer and are never autopatched.

You can force an autopatch with your Sound and View closed by clicking "Configuration->Patch" in the Client.